For every purchase of $500 and above, Agaroots will plant an Agarwood tree in the Malaysian rainforest.


What is Oud?

Oud is the infected heartwood of the agarwood trees that grow mainly in the South East Asian rainforests.

Where does Agaroots get its Oud supply?

Our sources are widespread across the region. We deal with licensed farmers and harvesters of wild agarwood and professional cultivators of agarwood who have plenty of years behind them in this field.

Which Oud oil is the nicest?

This is subjective as people have different preferences. Some may enjoy an Oud without any sharp or sourish smell while others may prefer to let the Oud take them through an exquisite journey of scent exploration. We have observed that many middle easterners prefer the Cambodi or Prachin oils due to its strong opening note and the beautiful spicy notes thereafter. 

Some Oud oils have a strange smell, why is this so?

You will be surprised that this strange, sometimes almost animalistic smell are the reason for it being loved by many Oud connoisseurs, especially in the Arabian Peninsula. It is indeed an acquired scent as it gives them a positive and awakening psychoactive effect that alerts the mind. It is worth to remember that Oud is a perfume that has many different layers and scent notes; the more they mature, the better their scent.
How can I know what kind of smell a particular Oud has?
That is where you will find useful our "Notes" description at the top of every product page. It best describes the scent notes contained in the Oud, detected by the seasoned and keen olfactory organ. This also can be subjective as one may not be able to smell keenly as the other which can result in one not finding the same scent note as described being present in their Oud. We highly encourage Oud lovers who have tried our Oud to share with us their Oud experience and the scent notes they detect so that we can ensure that our product description most accurately describes the scent notes present in the particular Oud.

Does your Oud come from the natural forest or are they grown and cultivated from the farm?

We get our sources from both, with a preference for those from the jungle. Wild Oud is much more superior in its scent profile than farmed Oud. There is a growing trend of people buying Oud blindly without taking into consideration if it is farmed or wild. Any artificially grown product can never be of the same quality, standard and scent. However, due to its depleting availability, the sources of wild Oud can get exhaustive at times and they are only available while stocks last.

How can I tell if my Oud is farmed or wild?

Unfortunately, it has become a common trick of the trade that multitudes of farmed Oud chips are being pass off by Oud sellers as wild Oud chips in the hope of getting more profit from the increased price. It takes experience to be able to tell farmed Oud wood chips from wild Oud chips.

How can I be sure that your products are authentic?

You can rest your worries and be guaranteed that our products are authentic and free from any artificial alteration or addition of synthetic elements. The world of Oud is a minefield with plenty of sellers out there looking to make a quick buck through dishonest methods, with all sorts of shortchanging and adulteration of Oud by dishonest suppliers. Rest assured as Agaroots prides itself in its integrity, professionalism and respect for our customers and fellow Oud lovers. We strive to ensure that our suppliers and distillers use only the best industry practices and techniques, with the goal of ensuring no external influence or contamination or adulteration of the Agarwood and Oud oils which we provide.

Is your Oud totally pure?

Definitely. We disapprove of the use of synthetic elements and chemicals that are rampant in modern perfumery nowadays. Vendors who practice adulterating the Oud oil and wood with synthetic elements do so to save on cost, increase their supply and enhance the look and scent of the Oud to attain higher profits, and this is especially so when their market demand is large due to their big branding and size. Oud sources, especially quality, wild Oud chips, are so scarce that these vendors and large perfume houses can never meet with the demand with the limited supply and thus are forced to engage in such practice. Agaroots is committed to remain selective and exclusive in its branding and product availability so our customers can ensure that they get only the best pure Oud from us.

Is thicker Oud oil a sign of its purity?

This is one of the common myths and misunderstood beliefs about Oud that needs to be corrected. The viscosity of the Oud oil depends largely on the cooking or distillation method used on the Agarwood during the extraction process and the type of Oud wood that is distilled. Different distillation methods such as steam distillation usually produce a stickier and thicker type of Oud oil, though this is not perpetual.

Can I buy your Oud in bulk?

Bulk purchases of oils and chips are welcomed and usually start at 1kg for the chips and 1liter for the oils. Please contact us for the bulk purchase quotation. Subject to availability.

Can I present Oud as a gift?

Absolutely. We can ship your Oud purchase directly to your loved ones with a customized message from you, free of charge. It is an ideal gift for birthdays, business gifts, anniversaries and special occasions. If you are looking for a gift to a Middle Eastern or Central Asian counterpart, it is the most ideal as the customs have taught that no one refuses a perfume as a gift.

Can Oud be used by both males and females?

Yes it can. Oud is widely used and enjoyed by both genders.

How much Oud am I getting from a bottle?

All of Agaroots Oud oil are carefully housed in a crystal bottle of 3ml, 6ml or 12ml, depending on what you choose upon checkout.

How can I purchase your Oud wood?

Oud chips are traditionally sold by weight. We have a fixed price for one gram of Oud wood listed at the product page and patrons can purchase the Oud wood at 2, 12, 50 or 100 grams per unit. Higher amounts can be purchased at a better price, by dropping us a message.

How long will it take for my item to be delivered?

It will generally take about 3-7 working days for the product to be delivered depending on the circumstances of shipping. For more information, please visit our tracking page.

How long can my bottle of Oud last?

It depends on the frequency of your usage. Some use it only for special occasions, while others prefer to enjoy the scent on a daily basis. For daily use, a bottle of Oud can last around a month and for burning, 6g of Oud wood when burn twice a week can last approximately 10 days.



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