For every purchase of $500 and above, Agaroots will plant an Agarwood tree in the Malaysian rainforest.

About us

At Agaroots, we believe in premium quality at an affordable price.

There are many stores that sell natural fragrances, but when it comes to Agarwood (oud) oil, it is hard to find a product that is of high quality. 

Our aim is to bring you 100% pure Agarwood oils of various regions in South East Asia (Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, Myanmar, Indonesia, Papua, etc...). We have close connections with several trustworthy distillers across the Agarwood-producing world. This not only preserves a relationship of trust and friendship, but also allows us to acquire excellent oils and chips.

Why Agaroots?

No doubt, there are numerous sellers out there that claim to sell 100% pure Agarwood oil. A few of them even do, but most of them don't.

At Agaroots, you can rest assured that you are getting something premium. In fact, we welcome you to shop around and compare competitors’ products. We are confident that you will find that we strike a perfect balance with the price and quality we offer.



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