For every purchase of $500 and above, Agaroots will plant an Agarwood tree in the Malaysian rainforest.

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Agaroots: The beginning of a journey...

My Agarwood journey began many a year back (unbeknown to myself at the time), through a generous gift, a simple gift from a traveling guest to a host that would ignite the passion that most agarwood connoisseurs have become somewhat addicted to. This journey would mature over the years as did my love and appreciation for this heavenly gift. But the real pivot point for Agaroots would only really kickstart some 10 years later, during my travels to Malaysia. Here in KL a dear friend & gracious host kindly took me around for an oud replenishment tour. This tour resulted in many acquisitions; Cambodi, Kelantan, Pahang, Hindi but it would be the Thai oil that would shape the beginning of...

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